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The company was founded by Samuel Stoicescu who started as a machinist in his uncle’s shop and made his way to become one of the top CNC programmers and designers.
Samuel has been in manufacturing for over 15 years. Specializing in today’s leading software’s, Samuel Programming and Design has now widened its horizons to serve many different types of manufacturing industries, which include Aerospace, Automotive, and Military.

At Samuel Programming and Design, we believe technology is a crucial part of our lives today. It is what pushed many industries to transition into the new century and break all traditional thinking; this has especially been the case in the manufacturing industry. New software and new machines have opened the doors to new and endless opportunities.

Taking advantage of the newest software, our company specializes in CATIA, the most powerful and leading manufacturing software in the world. CATIA has enabled us to deliver fast, accurate and error proof programs that are efficient and as well as productive.

All of our programs are inspected and verified before they are posted to the machines to insure accuracy and error free parts. Our company has experience in working with different types of metals including aluminum, stainless steel, composites, and titanium. We can read and translate any model format or make models from blueprints. We provide detailed set-up sheets that are simple to understand along with tool lists, tool holders, and custom tools with the necessary information. Our programs are designed to use common tools available in many shops or those which can be obtained from any supplier. We offer a full service on creating custom tooling and vacuum fixtures. The tooling also comes in CATIA models including set-up sheets and all the documentation to get built. We can build CATIA V5 R19 custom post processors for your machines from: 3ax - 8th axis. You can watch us programming live on your computer screen using: (available upon request). Most importantly, we are always available to answer any question you may have and to keep you updated on the status of the programs.


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